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Welcome to Crypto Breakdown. This is my new paid newsletter which will provide premium content for subscribers such as instructional videos for getting started, tutorials to participate in DeFi ( decentralized finance), buy / sell recommendations, curated news, technical analysis, and much more . We will utilize asymmetric market access. By this, I mean we will be researching and purchasing coins while they are on obscure exchanges. This will give you maximum upside as we position ourselves in an asset before the general public is aware. I will also have a publicly posted Ethereum address for you to track all my trades and positions in real time.

This next cryptocurrency bull market will make 2018 look like amateur hour. The previous bull market which occurred from early 2017 to early 2018 was driven in large part byretail investors partaking in the Ethereum ICO craze. The next bull market will be driven by governmental buying, retail, DeFi, real usage, and fiat currency inflation. The buying pressure from these different variables will be many times that of 2018, and yet the entire crypto market cap is currently 1/3rd of the 2018 peak.

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